The New blog

Please goto my new blog at http://blog.republicofjoe.com I wont' be posting anymore on this blog. I will try to get all of my old entries posted to the new blog soon. shoudlnt' take long since I have an import tool. Dont' forget to check out the webpage at http://www.republicofjoe.com


Emperor Joe


New Blog

Well I got a new blog http://blog.republicofjoe.com There is nothing on it. Hell I didnt' even know I was getting it. But the Reverand thought that I needed one. Im not going to complain. I just wish he gave me the username and password to it so I can get into it.


Need a new Minister

Mike coudlnt' keep his damn mouth shut. so I have removed him from office and stripped him of his citizenship. anyone who wants to be Minister of the treasury just let me know.


Mike in deep shit

Mike was served with the papers.
Mike then threw his papers into the garbage.
Copy of papers here.
We are now investigating our legal options.

Emperor Joe.

(NOTE: I dont' have to fool with the legal process but what the hell..I think its fun)

Member of Government suspended

By order of me the Emperor of the Republic of Joe. I do cease the activities and privileges of the Minister of the Treasury Mike Smith. I am now directing our court system to look into the charges that Mr. Smith is 1. A total Asshole. and 2. Doesnt' do anything productive for the Republic of Joe.
Mr. smith you have been served. Your suspension is on file at the Members of Government page at the Republic of Joe web site.

His High and Mighty
Emperor Joe.


really pissed

Just heard from the reverand that the Phatties are having a a major issue with the bridge. They are going to have to take it down. They say its because we are having visitors to the building. But to be honest with you I think its bullshit. If they let them put it up after the visitors leave then I can be ok with that and understand abotu us having visitors. but if its a permant take down then I know its bullshit and someone just didn't like it. Companies need to relize that when you let your employees have a little fun like with the bridge, or decoration it helps the employee moral. that trasnlsates into better productivity from the worker. no some people are just piss heads. thats what has me mad. this could all just be from a shit who has nothing else better to do then bitch. I really hope they let them put it back up.

Teeth out

Went and got my wisdom teeth taken out this moring. The doc gave me some good drugs for the pain. my mouth is still numb and everyting right now. They put a needle in my arm. I started to think stuff was funny then I was out. I started coming otu of it about half way though. I told the doc and his assistant that they Rocked. they said that I rocked too. I didn't feel anyting. Im sure I will later. I love my wife so much. She is doing such a good job takeing care of me. Doc gave me some antibiotics and some pain pills. I took some a little bit ago when my mouth wasn't as numb. I think they are starting to kick in. I will try to write more about my experience on here later. this is wild.


ROJ update

I updated the ROJ site today. Our master money maker Don Knox made up a new 10 dollar bill. All can be found here. I have also started to sell the money. No requests yet. but hopefuly soon. havn't started in on the coins yet. they are harder to make. I think im going to buy myself one of my T-shirts from my cafepress web site that is here. I need to make up some more stuff for that site too. need to get my wife to help me. she is good at that shit.

Gross fucking site

Yesterday I was just messing around on yahoo and was just typing is stupid words to see what I could find. Well I found Rate My Poo The idea is to take a shit and take a picture of it and people will look at it and tell you if its good or not. Just like Hot or Not...But with shit. Funnny...yet disturbing at the same time...


The phatican

Looks like its doing good.
Decon peck has pictures of it now.
Cracks my ass up man.

shitty weekend

I have been moving out of the old house because im selling it. yesterday i was moving out the last load and since we are in the middle of a fucking heat wave I got sicker then shit. Glad that we got everything out but it was shitty getting sick like that. Went home and ate some chinese at the mall. it was shitty..but even shitty chinese food is good. im just glad that i wont' have to move anymore stuff out.