really pissed

Just heard from the reverand that the Phatties are having a a major issue with the bridge. They are going to have to take it down. They say its because we are having visitors to the building. But to be honest with you I think its bullshit. If they let them put it up after the visitors leave then I can be ok with that and understand abotu us having visitors. but if its a permant take down then I know its bullshit and someone just didn't like it. Companies need to relize that when you let your employees have a little fun like with the bridge, or decoration it helps the employee moral. that trasnlsates into better productivity from the worker. no some people are just piss heads. thats what has me mad. this could all just be from a shit who has nothing else better to do then bitch. I really hope they let them put it back up.


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