Member of Government suspended

By order of me the Emperor of the Republic of Joe. I do cease the activities and privileges of the Minister of the Treasury Mike Smith. I am now directing our court system to look into the charges that Mr. Smith is 1. A total Asshole. and 2. Doesnt' do anything productive for the Republic of Joe.
Mr. smith you have been served. Your suspension is on file at the Members of Government page at the Republic of Joe web site.

His High and Mighty
Emperor Joe.


Anonymous Master Foley said...

Lick my balls you fucking asshat.

Do any of your hippy friends do anything for you gay coutry.

Just take me off you little list and I want take a shit on your front porch

11:34 AM  
Blogger Emperor Joe said...

Shit on the front porch? shit man That was my idea. Dont' you ahve anything of your own you can tell people? Dont' worry...your gone.

5:02 PM  

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