Work. and Money

You know work sucks. Everyone knows it. No matter if you are one of the few in this world that actaully enjoys their job you will hate it at some point in time. The thing about work that most people don't relize is that it is Social Control! I mean if we didnt' work we would be out doing what ever the hell we wanted to do. And no one would be around to stop any of it. We work to get money. Money is what keeps us in line. Most of us tries to live within the boundrys of socities rules. So we work so we can pay our bills, get food, put shelter over our heads, and get dumb shit that we dont' need. But we think we need a lot of this stuff so we get a job then get money then get put in the day to day shit of life. The grind. The traffic . Money and work sucks. Damn the man.

Music Today Sucks

You know music today has no soul. It sucks. Its all cookie cutter shit that some record exec pulled out of their ass. What ever happened to music that made you feel or think? Why isn't there people like Jimmi Hendrix that when he played his gutiar you could feel what he was trying to say through his guitar? Corp bullshit man. You get a bunch of punk ass shits that don't even know music and give them a job. Boycot mainstream music my friends. Go to clubs hear real music. Check out underground music and indy record labels. Rock is dead. Rap is Dead. R&B is dead. Dead because of Fucking yuppies in control of our lives. Fuck the Yuppies, Fuck the Corp Bullshit. Ok. Im done Bitching.

Kentucky Kicks Ass.

Ok just wanted to let eveyone know that my home state of Kentucky is going to buy a submarine and start blowing up casino boats in the Ohio River. Check out the link here:

Holy Shit

Looks like I broke down and got into the Blog shit i have been hearing about. To be honest my friend mike got himself one and he talked me into it. His blog is here: http://masterfoley.blogspot.com check him out and tell him he sucks.

More to come later people.
have fun.

Emperor Joe