Joeisms Part 2

1. If you see a hot woman say 'I would pour the balogna to her!'
2. Im happier then a puppy with 2 peters.
3. Toothless women Give Better BlowJobs.

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Public Bathrooms

You know Public bathrooms are the some of the nastiest places on earth. I mean you go into this place to do your business right? You walk into the stall and there is a big turd floating around or someone decided to see how much they can piss on the seat. This is not just a problem for guys. I have talked to many women who "hover" over the seat and end up pissing all over them. At least for guys if we have to piss we can go to the wonderful urinals or "Piss Troffs". But you know Public bathrooms go far beyond being a miniature shit hole. They are a place some people enjoy having sex. Straight or gay. It happens. I have heard horror stories of people sneaking into a public bathroom to have sex in a stall. I don't' know about you..But if I'm trying to drop a few friends off at the pool I don't' want to hear that shit, let alone accidentally walk through some of the by product. Did you know that you can pick up a VD in a public bathroom? Scary huh? Your spouse accuses you of cheating even though you don't'. Just remember, you never know what is on the object your about to stick your ass on.