Well shit

If any of you people know me then you know that I want to start my own coutnry. Yes half of it is a joke but the other half I really do want to start my own thing and try to do stuff well and have a nice place for people to live and work. The other day a friend of mine said something about a guy who started his own off the coast of england. It was a anti-aircraft platform in what was then international waters. it was abandoned after WW2 and he went out and clamed it. He doesn't do much with it. but the fact that he got away with it is actually a big acheavment for us who want to start our own little utopia. Doing more research on the net I have found there are all kinds of people and orginazations wanting to do this. Some exists only in cyber space. they are not reconized but what the hell. I think im going ot gear up the Republic of Joe web site and sort of start this up. move more from a joke to a reality. what the hell. it could be fun. and not everyone could say that they have their own country.
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