News and Blogs

Because I'm a complete looser I was listing to NPR radio and I have heard them talking about one thing that really bothers me. They were finding news on blogs. They are not the only ones doing this. Other news groups are getting information from blogs as well. Now you might ask..What's wrong with this? Well let me put it to you this way. Most blogs are just somebody's daily bullshit. Some are political. But 99% of them are just OPINIONS!! We who read blogs and write them know this. We are just spouting bullshit from the tops of our head. We just talk about how we feel. How our dog is, why we hate our dads bla bla bla. Now do you think this is a responsible way to collect information for the news? To be honest I think its scary. I mean talk fucking things up. I mean what if some one actually believe that I was a legit source of news. Damn. We would have people killing baby seal pups and people believing that fozzy from sesame street killed smokey the bear in a psychotic rampage. Blogs are a great place to voice your views and opinions. You can have fun on these things. But shit man, Don't take it that serious!