Friends And Computers

Well people let me let you in on a little secret. Friends suck. Not all. But most.

I work on computers. I had a few good friends from High school that I grew up with all my life. You know people get older they drift appart and they do other things. hey thats fine. no big deal. Thats natural. I just dont' like it when they call me up "Hey man how you doing? Yeah its been a while....Im having trouble with my computer and.." Then it goes on from there. The friends who never call you untill they need there Fucking computer fixed. Oh this is not only limited to friends. lets not forget your family that do the same damn thing. I think im going to put a 1900 thing on my phone at home. I will talk to them. But when they start asking me to fix shit for them I can hit a button and a message will play "Thank you for calling Joes Computer repair hotline. At the beep you be charged 2.99 per minute 5.99 for the first 2 minutes. Hang up now to not be charged. BEEP!!" I can bet they will quit calling. Then I could see who actually wants to be friends with me. I would love to use that on certian family members as well. damn that would be fun. I think thats why I like all the people I work with. They are all computer geeks too. they know how to fix their own damn computers. If we talk about computers its "hey have you heard of a router sending a packet to a server thats supposed to be IPX but is sending it ICMP?" yeah Geek talk I know. But at least its not "I love my supper dupper pink fluffy puppies screensaver what do you mean I need to get ride of it? It dotn' look like spyware. It can't be..its so cute" Well then why they hell did you call me asshole? Do you think the Cute Pink God Damn puppy will fix your fucking computer or do you think the real human being who does this shit for a living can? Ah, I feel much better now. Oh just to let you know I do have freinds that do call me for help and I dont' care to help. So if your a freind that calls for computer help don't take offence at this. just wonder if your one of them!! Muahahahahah

Wacky Wensday.

Ok I just thought I would start putting pictures on here every wensday.