ROJ update

I updated the ROJ site today. Our master money maker Don Knox made up a new 10 dollar bill. All can be found here. I have also started to sell the money. No requests yet. but hopefuly soon. havn't started in on the coins yet. they are harder to make. I think im going to buy myself one of my T-shirts from my cafepress web site that is here. I need to make up some more stuff for that site too. need to get my wife to help me. she is good at that shit.

Gross fucking site

Yesterday I was just messing around on yahoo and was just typing is stupid words to see what I could find. Well I found Rate My Poo The idea is to take a shit and take a picture of it and people will look at it and tell you if its good or not. Just like Hot or Not...But with shit. Funnny...yet disturbing at the same time...