Bathrooms Part 2

Ok I know I have already talked about bathrooms here where I work at but I have a new part of the Saga to put here. OK there is one toilet in the back restroom here at work that isn't in the best condition. To better put it..It's not bolted down right. It moves around. It leaks. Know what that means? Liquid shit seeping out of the toilet where it connects to the floor. I found this out one day by mistake. As I was sitting there doing my business one day I lifted a cheek to wipe my ass. Well the toilet moved. I was like. Well I'll me damn. I wonder if this thing is even bolted down. Looked down and to the site what did I see? Liquid Shit on the floor. All around where the toilet connects to the floor. Kinda looks like chocolate syrup. Yummy I tell you. Now let me ask you this..In the 6 months I have worked here why haven't they fixed that? I mean I'm no genius or anything but I do know it would take like 30 mins to fix it. Just a new wax ring is all they need. I don't' know maybe they really enjoy having a contstant stream of shit seeping out of the ground for all to see. To be honest it reminds me of Trainspotting, With "The worst toilet in Scotland". All you guys who I work with just go back to the back bathroom and look at the toilet next to the handicapped one. You will see this. Unless the have just mopped it up. And you know what that means? They have spread shit all over the floors. Oh yes!! Shit everywhere.

wacky wensday

Ok Sorry I have been gone for a while but here is a little pic to get you going before I post some bullshit. Have fun! :)