The Republic may go to war.

After searhing the internet today I found this web site http://www.geocities.com/emperorjoe
this guy said he was emperor joe of the empire of arbosally. I found that this may be mis leading to other countries and people that know me emperor Joe of the republic of Joe. so I sent him this email.

I Emperor Joe of the Republic of Joe (ROJ) officially request that you clarify that you are not Emperor Joe of the Republic of Joe or we will declare war against you and your empire (The Empire of Arbosally). The Republic of Joe which has been in existence since 1998 (http://come.to/joesrepublic) are under the impression that you are using the name Emperor Joe in a misleading fashion. If someone from another country or long lost friend of Emperor Joe of the ROJ stumble on your web site and take it for the true legitimate leader Emperor Joe of the Republic of Joe this could seriously hurt our image and trade and non-aggression pacts with other countries. All we ask is that you put clarification on your web site Acknowledging the fact that you are NOT Emperor Joe of the Republic of Joe but Emperor Joe of the Empire of Arbosally. This notice will be posted publicly on the Emperor’s official web log at http://emperorjoe.blogspot.com . You have one week to respond. If you do not respond by Friday June the 24th of 2005 at 11:59 pm the Republic of Joe with have no choice but to Declare war on you and your people of the Empire of Arbosally.

Emperor Joe
Republic Of Joe

Lets hope that the other guy does the right thing.