War and work

During the holiday season some people at work like to decorate the bays and try to make work a little bit more festive. During this a war broke out. A bad nasty war. During this 2 countries were formed and this is a cease fire agreement. I have no idea if they accepted it or not. I guess if I hear bombs falling I know its all over.

Conditional Cease Fire

We, the Provincial Government of Telecommunications Bay 17A (herein known as the “United States”), hereby propose a CONDITIONAL CEASE FIRE between the Peoples Republic of Telecommunications Bay 18B (herein known as “France”).

It is the intention of the United States Government to work together, “hand-in-hand”, with the French Government to execute “Operation: Dirty Bells” (herein known as “ODB”).

It is proposed that the two Governments (known herein collectively as “The Allied Forces”) will work together to decorate their bays in a fashion that is better than that of the Socialist Confederacy of Telecommunications Bay 18A (herein known as “Crete and the Cretins”).

The moderator of this agreement has been chosen to be the Leader of Telecommunications Bay 17B (herein known as “NATO”, or “Becky”).

The only condition of this Cease Fire is you must make your decision within 30 minutes to agree or disagree with this agreement. If you choose to ignore this agreement, we shall load our cannons and point them toward your shipping port.


Brian Peck, President

John Wright, Vice president

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