My friend mike told me that I should put some of my sayings here on the Blog so I guess I will.
1. A little meat and taters on a girl never hurt anything..thats just more to love on.
2. If you tell your wife to knell before Zod...she will laugh at you.
3. My daddy always told me that lesbians is just good pussy wasted.
More to come later

Cool Picture

You know I just think this is a cool Picture.

Friend Blog

Here is a link to my Friends Blog. He is a freak like me. You should have fun reading it.


Snot is yummy. No not really I couldn't think of what to say here so im going to make it up as I go. you know what we are missing in this world we live in? Re runs of the original trasformers and He-man. Not this new shit. I mean we need this quasi-homo-erotic He-Man series. It was just good fun. Now the transformers. wow what a crock of shit. "Yeah this big robot that can turn into a car is my pal. Well you know what? I had a dream one time. That I could be He man and own a real life transformer. Now..I just go to work every day. working at Remote desktop managment. What a Sad reality.