Here it is shit head

Well My good friend Tony who has made multiple comments about how my posts some times deal with issues of feces. Well I was only doing that as a public service to bring attention to the fact that we live with nasty bathrooms. But no. Tony wanted to be an asshole and try to take the heat off of his issues. You see..Tony is a closet homosexual. He is this way because of his father. His Father is Booger from revenge of the nerds.

Now with such a famous father you would think that Tony would have the best. But no. Tony ran off his father being a shit head. His father left. Tony trying to reconnect to with his father took the name geek god. But it was no use. He is still a closet homosexual and is still trying to reconnect to a father who wants nothing to do with him because all he talks about is going to watch Barbra Streisand Broadway musicals. Tony...Get help.