Good News..Or Bad?? Bathrooms Part whatever

Well I think a lot of people finally got pissed at the bathrooms here at work. The guy that takes care of the building finally sent out and email and told us to keep everything clean and to act like adults. This still doesn't help one thing though. There are at least 2 toilets that wiggle. That means liquid nasty shit juice are still leaking from them. Also the toilets are not vented right. That means when some girl from the girls bathroom flushes it makes bubbles in our toilets. Well let me tell you it fucking sucks to have shit water splashed on and up your ass!! I now know why we are starting to get a high rate of colon cancer in this country. Its not because of people eating shitty food. I used to think that too. But its from nasty fucking bathrooms. People just hold there shit until they get home. But I don't have that luxury. Pray for me. I have to go there now to the hell that is the bathrooms here at work and take a shit. Please pray that A: I don't' get hammered liquid shit on me. And B: I don't get my ass splashed by nasty shit bubbles.

Wacky Wednesday

Ok Sorry its been a while but here you go.

Let me know if you like this or not. It fuels me to Write and post weird shit.