Music stick

The Stick has been passed to me by The Drunken Master:

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
around 2 gig.

2. The CD you last bought?
I have no idea. To poor to buy.

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
Pink Floyd: High Hopes.

4. Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

"Comfortably numb" Pink Floyd
"Cats in the Cradle" Harry Chappin
"Angel Band" Ralf Stanley
"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" Black Sabbath
"Pigs on the wing" Pink Floyd

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

Ben Plessinger - He has bad taste in music
Cassandra Bowers - She is a music freak like me.
Don Knox - I have no idea what kind of music this dude likes!! (except once he told me he liked Led Zepplin)