Being a Hillbilly

Usually I don't' post twice on Wednesday because of Wacky Wednesday. I want people to see and enjoy the picture without digging for it. So if you want it scroll down, and sorry for the inconvenience.

You know I'm getting sick and tired of people making fun of: Hill billys, Rednecks and Southerners. No we don't' fuck our relatives, yes we wear shoes, and we are not what Jeff foxworthy tell you that we are. Contrary to what most people think Hill billys and rednecks are not all in the south. The live all over this country and all over this world. And they are not dumb hicks. Just because some people would rather live in a rural area and enjoy the life style that entails doesn't mean they are ignorant or stupid. Yes we have different ways of doing things. That doesn't mean it is the wrong way of doing things. Fuck Jeff Foxworthy, he has Perpetuated this stereotype. We shouldn't go to that bastards show. We should even listen to it. We should let him know that he is making years of ignorance worse. Are people that snooty that they have to degrade their fellow man just because of where he or she lives? Is someone automatically white trash if they life in a certain area and drives a truck? You know its almost racism. Taking a group of people because of some superficial belief and degrading them. Well fuck you all. Fuck everyone who downs anyone for where they life or their lifestyle, no matter what that is. I'm proud to be where I'm from. Chances are I might be smarter then my non hillbilly counterpart. But no one will ever listen to me because of the way I talk or they place I was born and raised. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. America, land of the fucking bigots.
There I feel better for now, untill I hear some wise crack.

Wacky Wensday

Ok here is your picture of the week. Guys let me know how messed up this is and if you like it or not. I need to know this so I can put more messed up or less messed up pics on here for you pleasure.

Ahh I rember playing this for the old NES.

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