Guilty Pleasures

Well I don't really know how bad this is..But you know those handicap stalls in the bathroom? Well you know your not supposed to use them unless you are handicap right? Well Sometimes I like to go in there and use them. You know the toilet is higher up off the ground. I'm a tall guy so that's nice. They only bad think about it is that 1. For some reason they put the TP almost on the floor which I think is cruel. I mean what they hell was they thinking? "Hey lets put this handicapped guy on a really tall toilet and put the TP on the ground" I wonder how many people have fell off of that toilet trying to whip their ass. The Number 2. Thing that is bad about that is that one day I was sitting on there having a good time..Looking over at that evil nasty stall next to it. I heard someone come in. They were breathing really heavy. Well I kept on doing my business. Hell I didn't want to stop mid-stream. Well I finally got done. I went out to wash my hands and stuff and there was this really big guy. I mean he must have weighed 450lbs. He waddled in the stall and started to do his business. As I was washing my hands I remembered that I used all the toilet paper. Not on purpose of course. It was low to start with. But hey its the kind that holds 2 roles. There was one role left. But the dispenser was screwed up. It was hard to access. I wonder if that man ever got his ass wiped.