Like most people I am pissed off about how much Gas costs. But unlike most im not going to bitch about it and do nothing. I have decided to do something about it. I just don't' have the money to do some of it. I was doing some research and found out that our gasoline cars will run other fuels other then gas. Some are cheaper, burn cleaner. Some fuels will burn totally clean, don't' hurt the environment and are pretty much free if you know where and how to get them. The best one I have seen is Hydrogen. You can convert your gasoline car to burn part or all hydrogen. Lets talk about that. For starters...ITS NOT THE FUCKING HINDINBURG!!! I told my wife I would like to convert my truck to run on hydrogen all she can fucking think about is that God Damn Blimp fucking exploding. Yes hydrogen can burn...But so can gas. Its all how you store it. You can store hydrogen to where it won't be a problem and will be safer then gas. As in..You can shoot a tank of it with a gun..And it won't explode..hmm...Sounds safer then gas already. Ok now with the knowledge that Hydrogen is safe and safer then Gas lets look into some stuff. There is this neat little thing that I found that will help your car burn some hydrogen to help increase MPG 2 to 20 MPG. Wow this is nice. That would help out a lot of people. And it only costs 200 Bucks. Takes an hour to install and it runs off of water battery juice and baking soda. Sounds like bullshit? Well its not. You get hydrogen from Water. electricity splits the atoms from H20 to H and O. The baking soda just helps the process go a little bit faster. Ok no bullshit. You can check it out here. Now if you want a system to convert your whole gas powered car or truck to H2 this place called United Nuclear is working on a kits to run the whole car off of H2. You only run gas for like 5 mins to get the H2 flowing. They have a V8 corvette that gets 650 miles per fill up. None of this is a new idea. Its been around for years. The only draw back in making hydrogen. But if you know how its really fucking easy. Get 2 pieces of metal. Put them in a glass of water. Put them metal about an inch apart and hook them up to a battery. Get 2 test tubes and put over the pieces of metal. Turn on your battery. One side will have Oxygen..The other hydrogen. Well shit that ain't hard. Im sure in this day and age we can come up with an easier and more efficient way..Oh shit we have.
it would cost 2 billion dollars to put in a hydrogen filling infrastructure. Yeah that sounds like a lot but considering we paid 40 billion for gas alone in 2003..I think hydrogen would be cheaper and more efficient in the long run. So why the fuck are fooling around with gas? Oh I rembember..BULLSHIT.