Robots and Porn

The other day I was looking on Slashdot.org and found a cool web site. Http://video.yahoo.com Its a beta search for videos. I think this is really cool. Find video clips and stuff. Well since im poor and have dial up at home I was testing it out at work during one of my breaks. Being the Huge GEEK that I am I typed in "Robots". Found a lot of stuff for that movie AI. I was like ok this is cool. Then I seen Johnny 5 from that movie "Short Circuit"

Well Cool. I like Johnny 5. Nice robot. Would like to have him as a friend (yes im a looser and a geek!) Well then I noticed that Johnny had an... Addition. He had a big green Dildo hooked to him. Well shit. You don't' see that everyday. Then there were more clips of Johnny screwing 2 girls. Well...I be damn. Needless to say it scared me shitless me being at work and all. This wasn't the only thing I was looking up that came up with porn. In fact everything did. So I put on the yahoo porn filter and cured this problem. So check out the video search and if your at work put on the porn filter. Wouldn't' want you guys to get fired. Who knows you might get fired for reading a shitty blog like this!