Fuck..I turned in to a hippy

Something that has been going around work here is the Hot Or Not web site. Thats where people put pictures of them self on the web and you get to rate 1 to 10 if they are Hot or not. 1 being not hot and 10 being very hot. I find myself giveing the hot girls a 1 and the I guess most would call them Ugly girls a 10. Why? Well this is why I think im turing into a hippy...I think every one is beautiful. ITs whats on the iside that counts. And everyone likes different things. not everyones idea of beauty is the same. just because a girl or guy didnt' pop out of a A&F catalog doesn't mean they are not attractive. Shit look at porn sites. they have somthing for everyone. my point is that we should like what we like and love who we love and not worry about what everyone else says or says we should love or like.
Fuck im turning into a weird hippy.
--Emperor Joe.