Death of Charlie...You will be missed.

A man died last night in the hospitipal. He passed quietly in his sleep. Charlie was a little man prob standing 4'5" or less. His lungs were gone from smoking and his stomach and half his intestines were gone as well. He was about blind. He moved to Kentucky from Chicago about 15 years ago. He used to be a chef at some hotels. Had no family. He came down here with some people that sort of took him in. When he got here they threw him down for some reason. We sort of adopted him. He cussed like a sailor. He was annoying as hell. But he loved my family. My mother is the executor of his estate. He would always buy us gifts for xmas and for birthdays. He was always around and holidays and would want me to video tape it for him. Even though he was blind and couldn't' see. When he died he had money in his pocket that he was going to use to take my mom and some of the family to dollywood. Just got the loan the week before. I promised him I would take him to hooters. He would have loved that. Hell I prob would have got kicked out because he would have pinched the girls on the ass or tits. But it would have made his day. I wish I got a chance to do that. I just got busy with everyday life. I hope he knows how much he was loved and will be missed. Just wish I took him to hooters.